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+ 30 697 7465193
+ 30 697 6854354
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697 7465193
697 6854354
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+ 30 697 7465193
+ 30 697 6854354
  • We Are Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Our Late Model Vehicles are Clean & Always Maintained
  • Our Drivers Are Professionals Who Know the Area
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • We monitor your flights and call you the day before as a reminder
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Our taxi fleet consists of spotless taxis, passenger sedans and mini van taxis providing taxi services throughout the Greater Attica area.  Explore our fleet of modern taxis.

Our taxis regularly go through vigorus inspection and preventive maintenance program.
Our taxis are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and navigation system to ensure unfailing accuracy and a timely response. Our taximeters print meter receipts containing taxi number, fare amount, miles traveled, etc. at the end of each trip.
All of our cars undergo safety and meter inspections.

All our taxis are insured.

By choosing Taxi-Online you are supporting your local taxi drivers by using their service.

If you lose an item in one of our taxis, you may quickly recovery it by calling us. We can locate all our vehicles quickly because all cabs are equiped with 24 hour GPS tracking system.