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AGENDA - Athens - Corinth Canal - Ancient Corinth - Nemea - Mycenae - Nafplion - Epidaurus - Athens

Our private tour will start from Athens; driving through Megara and the National Highway, we will arrive soon to Ancient Corinth, where the famous Isthmus, the Corinthian Canal is located. The Canal connects the Aegean to the Ionian Sea and offers an exit from Central to Southern Greece. Passing through the ancient city of Corinth, a historical commercial and market city of the antiquity and one of the major stop-spots of St Paul, we will drive towards Tirynth and Nemea, two of the most important towns of the Greek Mythology and History. The myth of Hercules fighting with the Lion of Nemea is known worldwide. Sightseeing tour will continue, bringing you to Mycenae, the historic citadel where the Homeric Palaces of Agamemnon is situated. The city features also the impressive and imposing Cyclopean Walls, the Lions Gate and numerous tombs of kings and princes. Taxi tour will take you for lunch at Nafplion, a picturesque city port situated a few kilometers away. Featuring an imposing castle you can try to climb its 999 steps to the top, or simply enjoy a nice meal by the sea and the old harbor. After the meal and a leisurely walk in the cobblestone paths of Nafplion, taxi tour will set off for Epidaurus or Epidavros, the biggest healing and entertaining center of the Antiquity.After Epidaurus, private tour will take you back to Athens. 
Full day private taxi tour to the Peloponnese Peninsula
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